• Samantha Corbin

New Podcast: SPECIAL KAMALA HARRIS EDITION. Plus... Save the USPS, Mask Wars, and the CA Gig Economy

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

As always, our latest, Age of AGs podcast covers the biggest political and policy stories this week for the State AG Community.  This is a huge week because of (former California AG) Kamala Harris' selection as the Democratic nominee for Vice President. We look at the battle over her image and her record as AG, and its implication on the November Presidential election. Beyond that? State AGs fight to save the Post Office, Texas AG Ken Paxton attacks criminal justice reform, we follow the national Mask Wars fight in Georgia and elsewhere, and AG Xavier Becerra goes big after the gig economy.  As always, we'll end with the Top Five AG elections. Listen to it all here...

#PublicHealth #GigEconomy #SavetheUSPS

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